Wisdom of the Sacred Annunciation Story and Our Own Life’s Story

An Advent Silent Half-Day Retreat

December 12, 2015 – 9 a.m. – 12 noon

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Green Cove Springs, Florida

Facilitated by Dr. Joy Carol & Mother Celeste Tisdelle

The world is filled with surprising, upsetting news that cause us to feel fear, grief. Fortunately the Bible is filled with stories that transcend time and are relevant to our own lives. During Advent, contemplating the sacred story of the Annunciation prepares us for the coming of the Christ and helps us recognize how to deal with unexpected surprises in our own lives. Plan to join Dr. Joy Carol in this restorative Quiet Day to nourish our souls and find healing peace.

9:00 – Welcome and Introductions

9:15 – Opening Sacred Service – including the reading of the Annunciation Story

9:30 – Brief Inspirational Talk about Advent, Mary, the Annunciation and how that fits in with our own lives

9:45 – Silence

10:30 – Brief Inspirational Message about god’s comfort to Mary and to us: “Do not be afraid.”

10:45 – Silence

11:30 – Eucharist

12:00 – Return Home

Some Biographical Information: Joy Carol

Joy Carol

Joy Carol

Joy Carol is an author, workshop and retreat leader, national speaker, spiritual director, and counselor. Her recent books include: Seasons of Joy: Weekly Meditations on Life and Spirit; The Fabric of Friendship: Celebrating the Joys, Mending the Tears in Women’s Relationships; Journeys of Courage; Finding Courage; and Towers of Hope: Stories to Help Us Heal. She writes a spiritual blog at www.joycarol.com/blog. Over the last 30 years, Joy has also been an educator (the Outstanding Young Educator of the USA), counselor, women in development specialist, and manager of international development programs. She has lived and worked in the developing world for organizations such as the Ford Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, Save the Children, and Child Fund (formerly Christian Children’s Fund). Joy holds an honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Nebraska Wesleyan University, and master’s degrees in Spiritual Direction from the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church and in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland. She has also done graduate studies in Asian Affairs, women and development, and management at Scarritt College, New York University, and Harvard University. She studied healing prayer ministries for two years with Avery Brooke. Twenty years ago Joy had three close encounters with death and has since dedicated her life to spirituality, healing, and wholeness. She was on the healing ministry team for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, a volunteer for the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, the Central Park Conservancy, and the Broadway Community Soup Kitchen, Inc. She has been trained and is experienced in healing prayer ministries, trauma counseling, grief and bereavement counseling, and hospice work. Joy worked extensively with victims and survivors of the World Trade Center tragedy in New York City. In the last two years Joy has been struck by a rare illness Paraneoplastic Syndrome which has harmed her ability to walk. Joy presently resides in Penney Farms, Florida. (For more information about Joy, visit her website: www.joycarol.com)